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Total Computers


Audio Visual

AV products include Digital Signage systems, Televisions, TV Combos (TV &VCR & DVD) as well as Video Disc Players and Recorders. Within this category you will also find Projection Screens, Projectors, Digital Video Recorders, portable Video players and even 3D glasses.

Computer Displays

Computer Display products range from General and Touchscreen Monitors to Interactive White boards, all from top manufacturers e.g. Samsung, Promethean, Lenovo, Phillips and NEC. With so many choices you will be hard pressed not to find what you want.

Computer Systems

Choose from a range of Desktop Computers, Notebooks, Tablets and Ultra Mobile PCs or even Entry/ High-End Servers. There are also a range of Workstations ranging from HP Proliant and HP All-in-One as well as Mini Towers, Likewise with over 50 different types of Computer Casings, Docking Stations and Port Replicators, its a one stop shop in Juice.

Electronic Components

All your electronic components from Microprocessors, Motherboards and Motherboard accessories of varying specs can be viewed under Electronic Components. Similarly Memory Cards, Memory expansion boards, RAM/Rom and Cache memory can be found in the subcategory  'Memory'.

Input Devices

The full range of input devices can be found within this section, ranging from scanning devices to keyboards and mice bundles. Not to be left out there are also 3D input devices as well as Graphic tablets and Remote controls. There are also over 25 different types of Graphics tablets from a selection of top quality manufacturers so there is always something to meet your requirements.

Sound & Graphics Cards

Sound Cards ranging from ASUS XONAR variety to Creative Sound Blaster boards and HP Titanium Sound Boards are just some of the ranges available. Also in the category are Video Cards ranging from graphic cards to Video processing and capturing modules, the range is almost limitless.


Printers available range from Dot matrix ones to Label & Receipt and include large format printers as well as Laser and Injects. In addition to these there are also line matrix printers and multifunction printers; with so many options there is bound to be one that suits your budget.


A full range of storage devices, drivers, servers and SAN devices are available, all from highly reputable and respected manufacturers. Sub-categories include adapters, bridges and switches whilst further storage options include flash drives in the format of flashcard readers and Smart card readers.  Storage controllers include a range of adapters from Serial & Parallel to USB and Multiport.